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The Calla will be in the Flower Agenda in May

The Flower Agenda will focus on the elegant Calla Lily in May. Your customers can read all about this flower that combines style, simplicity and cheerfulness. Will you be surprising your customers over this coming period with the Calla's fantastic looks and styling possibilities? Origin The Calla used to go by the impressive name of [...]

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May 2018: Zen plants Houseplants of the month

The story behind Zen plants Bonsai, Ficus Ginseng and Dracaena lucky bamboo all have powerful shapes, natural strength and a sober appearance. All three fit well with the growing interest in bringing more calm and meaning to our lives. They’re also perfect feature plants in the minimalist interior trend which is still very popular. Zen [...]

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Garden plants for May: vegetable plants

A kitchen garden with beautiful plants Pick-your-own plants and kitchen gardens are incredibly popular, and vegetable plants often also look fantastic, so there’s a double benefit. On the one hand it’s a response to the growing interest in healthy, sustainable and vegetarian food, on the other hand it creates a decorative corner with productive green [...]

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Patio Plant for 2018: African Lily (Agapanthus)

Flowers on the patio all summer long Elegant stems, long green leaves and elegant blue or white flowers made up of a host of small calyxes: Agapanthus, also known as the African lily, is a look of splendour on the patio or terrace. You can create attractive lines in your outdoor space with this plant, [...]

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Gerbera in the April Flower Agenda

In April we mark Easter and the arrival of new life. The perfect setting for a colourful flower. With its cheerful appearance, the gerbera is the ideal candidate for some extra celebrations this month. Consumers can read all about this versatile flower at Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk. Introduce your customers to the gerbera! Origin of the gerbera The [...]

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Garden Plant of the Month for April 2018: Petunia

The Petunia: easy care, lots of choice With its large trumpets the Petunia proclaims in all directions that spring really has sprung. This colourful summer annual has diverse uses: in hanging baskets, containers, sacks on the wall and troughs. And when it’s planted in a bed, the Petunia likes to shine amongst the groundcover in [...]

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Balcony Plant for 2018: lavender

Balcony Plant for 2018: lavender A floral profusion in purple and grey-green Nothing makes you think of Provence and a sun-drenched Summer like lavender (Lavandula). The plant comes in many forms, offers colours ranging from near white and lilac to deep purple, requires little maintenance and spreads a delectable fragrance. Lavender is particularly suitable as [...]

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Hydrangea: April 2018 Houseplant of the Month

The story of the hydrangea Almost everyone associates the light and sweetly fragranced hydrangea with the long, light days of spring. It’s a very popular houseplant with large round umbels bursting with star-shaped flowers in fabulous colours that bloom profusely for a long time. The plant offers a decorative, cheerful and rich appearance thanks to [...]

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March 2018: Springtime bulbs Houseplants of the Month

March 2018: Springtime bulbs Houseplants of the Month The story of Springtime bulbs Nothing create a spring mood in store and in the home like potted bulb plants. They offer convenience for the consumer, are almost guaranteed to flower and radiate lots of energy thanks to all the sprouting bulbs. Five stars in the potted [...]

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Ivy: March Garden Plant of the Month

Ivy: March Garden Plant of the Month A touch mysterious and quietly ever-present: ivy (Hedera) is the big source of greenery that represents a stable element in the garden through all four seasons. This ground-covering or climbing foliage shrub is a hardy and evergreen. There’s a wide range of leaf colours, whilst all ivy species [...]

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