Welcome to Henk Baltus – wholesaler in floricultural products

The Henk Baltus business enterprise was established in 1971.
The companies Henk Baltus Bloemenexport B.V. and Baltus Plantenexport B.V. are based in modern business premises at a central location at the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer.

At Henk Baltus the work methods employed within our organisation primarily translate into a unique identity, flexibility and an engagement with people (co-workers, clients, suppliers, transport partners and other chain partners) during day-to-day operation, which makes it possible to deliver quality services and products in an effective manner.

As a flower and plant exporter, Henk Baltus has built up a good reputation among importing wholesalers, warehouses and chain stores in fifteen countries, which are mainly located in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Floricultural products are living products that have a high emotional value.
The Baltus team places great emphasis on supplying commercial reliability and the very best quality in delivered products and services, whereby their motto is: an agreement is an agreement.

Our work methods are characterised by short lines of communication between the sales and purchasing departments, clear planning and effective logistics supported by the use of modern information and communication technology. We ensure that you, as the client, receive your deliveries on time and to your satisfaction.

“Fresh flowers, every day”.

Bert and Paul Baltus
Henk Baltus Bloemenexport BV
Baltus Plantenexport BV